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Diving Coordination

Marine Film Projects provides fully certified HSE dive-teams to oversee and manage all aspects of the marine film environment.

From water’s edge and surface supervision to deep dive training and safety assessments, our primary aim is the safety of crew and artiste alike.

Our meticulous attention to detail starts with a recognition and assessment of the skills and technical abilities of team members and a thorough review of the film schedules to ensure safe working practices.

Our qualified instructors can teach actors the skills required to perform in and around the water and our extensive range of underwater communications equipment ensures they are connected at all times.

Credits include; White Lines, Dunkirk, In the Heart of the Sea, Loch Ness Monster (The Deep), 3 Men in a Boat, Masters of the Sea, Miracle landing on the Hudson, Vera series 2, The Smoke.

Diving Co-ordination
sub-surface specialities

M.F.P. can provide a comprehensive service for filming under the water, from location recce, reports and risk assessments to stage/set building and water treatment. We offer cast and crew safety, underwater casting and artiste training in preparation for filming which may be done on site if appropriate or at our facility in west London. We have extensive experience in under water heated and cold studios, outdoor and indoor temporary tanks, ponds, lakes, swiftwater rivers and the sea.

We can supply;

HSE diving teams (safety and construction), Supervisors and Dive-Medics
Surface Supplied, SCUBA & Rebreather systems
In-water safety swimmers and life guards
Rescue craft and floats
Access and egress solutions
Emergency Oxygen for diving
In/under-water set building and rigging
Water testing
Underwater model and artiste casting
Underwater cast training and familiarisation

Diving Equipment Hire inc:

Diving hats with communications for presenters and construction phases
Diving cylinders
Diving cylinder mobile compressors, electric/diesel
Breathing Regulators on long hoses (Hookas) for Artistes
Vintage Diving Equipment & twin hose regulators
Emergency breathing systems for film sets
Underwater communications; Hydrophones
Rebreathers, technical diving equipment and training
Underwater scooters
Mask, snorkel and fins sets for supporting departments, Props, Art, Special effects etc

We are dealers for Poseidon, Sea & Sea Diving Equipment, Crewsaver and Typhoon

Underwater camera housings in any format
Camera operation
Underwater lighting
Special effects equipment;
Water colourisation
Wave making machines
Tailored black, blue and green screens for underwater tanks

Tank and underwater studio management;
Filtration and chemical treatment
Marine Props
Production crew safety equipment: lifejackets, waders, wetsuits, drysuits, throw lines, life rings, lights, helmets

Marine Film Projects is a registered Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Diving Contractor.
Diving is strictly controlled by the HSE Media Diving Codes of Practice.